Yoga philosophy mentor who teaches meditation for Enlightenment!!

You must see this website: because it is really incredible! It is all about Yoga Teacher Tony Parra , who truly embodies all aspects of the yogic path. He runs Teacher Training Certification Programs as well as Yoga and Meditation Intensives primarily in Greensboro, North Carolina.

I have had the privilege of working with him on a number of occasions and recommend him more than anyone else that I have worked with(a long who’s who List). You can see a video of his through this link below!

He is passionate about Yoga’s Evolution and although he is very well versed in the Ancient yogic tradition he feels that there is more required for optimal living than what the ancient path provides.


Now, If you ever get a chance to sign up for his  Teacher Training Program “The Living Path of Enlightened Yogis” you should jump at this opportunity for extreme transformation. I mean Tony has bundled up a diet detox, meditation retreat, exercise boot camp, psychology, and yogic philosophy all in one training program!

His  knowledge of Yogic Philosophy is not only great but he’s also able to convey these complex theories with effortless mastery…check this out for a quick example!

One of the main areas in the yogic philosophy that he has purposefully made modifications to, is the Yogic Diet. He advocates and teaches the scientific, moral, and ecological reasons as to why we should adopt a raw organic vegan plant based diet.

Tony’s philosophy when it comes to diet is really great. He believes that a diet should bring the highest level of nutrition and nurturing to both the body and the world.

He therefore emphasizes an organic raw food vegan diet that consist of little to no fruit and encourages the use of supplementation. There is also weekly juice fasting and other methods of detoxification involved such as infrared saunas!

After an incredible yoga training session, the incredible fruit-free green juice that is provided, is the most nurturing and delightful experience!

Tony Parra has extensive knowledge of the ancient scriptural text of Yoga. Beyond just the Yoga Sutra’s and Bhagavadgita, he presents text that most people have and will never hear about and otherwise would never have the opportunity to study. This benefits his students by exposing them to the deeper teachings of yoga and the practices revealed in these texts!

Click here to take a look at his site and you can see his offerings. There are offerings that range from teacher training programs, yoga/meditation intensives, and even online training sessions are available!

I’ve done some online private lessons with Tony and I cant believe how personal and how much he is able to pick up and assist me while over the computer, its like he’s truly there with me!

If you go to his website he has a section that he has created called the Philosophy Blog that has a very interesting and powerful teaching about The Power of Thoughts, Words, and Actions

I’m really excited about the development of this philosophy section as I know that besides being very insightful regarding the practice of Asana (The Postures) his insights into life and the advice’s that he presents are so incredibly practical and effective.

Often he shows you these deep but subtle truths that have been right in front of your face all along and presents it in a way in which you can no longer remain ignorant of the old sabotaging thought patterns that you once held so closely!

What Makes his teachings so powerful is that he lives them. He has had the direct experience of these higher states of mind.

Tony has presented courses such as “The Way of Meditation 1&2. In these classes he really shows the depth of his knowledge in comparative Religion, Science, and Psychology. The information about the spiritual realms and how to experience them for yourself just seems to keep flowing and flowing.

His students range in their age from young adults to seniors and all gather around in harmony baffled by the deep intuitive thoughts that he presents with such eloquence.

When it comes to asana he adds another section to it call Yogic Conditioning. Yogic Conditioning is based off of a concept that Tony teaches that the body requires at least three main forms of exercise…Strength, Stretch, and Cardio.

He feels that there are many body conditioning exercises that when practiced can give you the full spectrum of exercise criteria and that these can be structured in a way that will actually help you advance within your practice of the postures.

Tony believes that there is no area of ones life that is outside of the body of Yoga. That every moment of life is a practice. He makes sure not to leave any aspect of body, mind, and soul untouched by the light of his awareness.

From postures,philosophy, religion, myth, sex, finances, exercise, diet, science, emotions, breath,and much more, he will leave no stone un-turned!

This may sound like a lot of information and a lot of big changes for the general lifestyle that most of us live and it really is, but some how it is presented in such a systematic way and with such compassion that it seems to fly right by and before you know it your perspective of life has become much brighter and your success in just about every area has just about doubled!

I have really loved all my experiences and hope to share many more post about Yoga-“Tony Parra” style, as I am truly a big fan of the benefits and life style changes that have been experienced in my life so far under his mentor-ship.

I hope that you can get together with Tony so that you too can see that all that I have written about holds true and that he teaches you in a way that gives you the power to be the change in your life, in your family, in your community, in this incredible world.

you can contact him at

as Tony would say  “Enjoy the rest of your day, with a Smile on your face… Namaste!!!”